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We're going to publish a timeline of the history of The Drewe on this website. While we pull together the final design, here's a taster of what's to come!

The Drewe Arms History Group has put together a thousand-year (pretty much) timeline of our amazing pub, which Ian Mortimer of the group has kindly sent to the Drewe Arms Community Pub steering group to help with the campaign.

It is quite fascinating. Here are some excerpts to give you an idea. For example, did you know....

The place that was to become The Drewe Arms dates back to 1086 when the first recorded mention of it is as Taintona in Domesday Book, when it was one of the 176 manors in Devon held by Baldwin the Sheriff.

The first mention of Drewsteignton was in 1210, due to the land being held by Drogo of Teignton in the late twelfth century.

In 1910, Julius Drew tea merchant and founder of the Home & Colonial grocery stores, purchased the 450-acre estate, where he would go on to build Castle Drogo (with the help of architect Edwin Lutyens), and that same year changed his name by deed poll to Drewe (with an extra ‘e’).

Around 1912, The Druid’s Arms, as it was, was renamed The Drewe Arms at the request of Julius Drewe.

In 1919, Ernest and Mabel Mudge took on the licence of The Drewe Arms. Ernest died 32 years later leaving Mabel to run the pub singlehanded, which she did until 1994, aged 99!

There are many more wonderful factoids about the life of our historic pub which we plan to post in full on the website but also highlight intermittently on Facebook to further underline what a rich and special history The Drewe Arms, Drewsteignton has.

So much more than a pub!


The Drewe Arms History

08/06/23, 11:00

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