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Buy Shares in the Drewe Arms

The Share Offer through Crowdfunder has now closed however you may still purchase shares through the Invest Direct page of this web site. 

Anyone can buy shares in The Drewe and every investment, large or small, gets us closer to our goal, which is to have our famous pub back, serving the community.  You can be part of making that happen and own a share of this historic pub.

Own a Piece of the Drewe

When you invest in shares you’ll become a member of our society with voting rights, giving you a say on how things are done. You’ll also become an owner of the society's assets alongside other members, meaning you become a co-owner of the Drewe Arms.  Shares cost £1 each and you can buy as many as you like but you must purchase at least 100

EIS Tax Benefits to Investors

We've also managed to secure some considerable income tax benefits for everyone investing in the Drewe.  All investments are eligible for the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS).  This is an income tax relief scheme introduced by the government to encourage investment in start-ups and small businesses.


EIS Benefits

Under the EIS (Enterprise Investment scheme), all investors will be able to claim 30% against their Income Tax bill.  In practical terms, this means that if you were to purchase £3,000 worth of shares, your tax liability will be reduced by £900, so the actual cost to you would be just £2,100.

Loss Relief

On top of that, if (and it really is a big ‘if’ from our point of view) the venture were to fail, you could also claim loss relief on your investment. This relief is calculated by multiplying your investment, less the income tax relief received, by your income tax bracket (e.g. 40%). Using the example above of an investment of £10,000 with £5,000 in tax relief, you could get reimbursed a further loss relief of £2,000 (£5,000 x 40%) meaning your actual exposure on a £10,000 investment drops to £3,000.


Capital Gains

 Investors in EIS using a capital gain on the sale of another asset can fully defer their capital gains tax (100%). Furthermore, once the shares have been held for two years they are free of Inheritance Tax (IHT). This option could be attractive if you are wanting to find ways of helping family members ultimately become share-holders and in so doing, reduce future Inheritance Tax liabilities.


We hope that if you weren’t already aware of the tax incentives available to investors, the above encourages you to make a greater investment in our special pub. 

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