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Can you help us get everything ship-shape at the Drewe?


As you may imagine, the pub building and outside space has been neglected for well over a year. There are plants growing from areas that they shouldn’t be, and those that are in the right place have gone a little wild. In the buildings there are old mattresses, fridges and piles of junk.


The first clear-up day took place on 20th January, and a follow-up one is scheduled for Saturday 10th February

If you can help in anyway please complete the form below, indicating any specialist skills you might have.  In particular we're looking for people who aren't afraid of getting their hands dirty and will assist with cleaning, and gardening.  

The clear-up days will involve a fair bit of work, but they should also be good fun.  Join in, but please remember not to attempt anything beyond your means!

Volunteer for the big
clear up

I'm up for helping out!

Please note that any details you submit will be shared with the Pub Management Team.


We'll be in touch.

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