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What do I get?

If you choose to invest and become a shareholder in the Drewe you can benefit from on lots of levels:

Social Life

You can, at last, enjoy popping over to the pub again!


You are actually going to own a part of a unique building of historic significance. Not many people can do that!  You may even want to buy a bit for somebody else to treasure too.


You can feel proud that you have secured an important building and vibrant business for the community today and tomorrow.  Community ownership safeguards the pub as a community asset for future generations to enjoy and benefit from.

More than just a pub

You can benefit from the exciting wider community offer that is being planned from the pub’s core – a Community Kitchen preparing exciting menus, takeaways, and meals for those in need. Access to the pub’s network of suppliers’ products for you to purchase (bread, veg, dairy, meat etc.).  A place to meet friends for a coffee during the day or work on your laptop, a venue for creativity and wellness and much more…


You can be part of the decision-making process that shapes that journey.  Buying over 100 shares means you become a member of the Community Benefit Society and have an equal voice in shaping the direction of the organisation - regardless of your investment level.  A truly democratic set up!

Tax Relief

You can receive tax relief.  We have approval from HMRC for advance assurance that our Share Offer is eligible for SEIS (Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme) and EIS which means taxpayers are able to claim significant tax relief benefits on any investment.


You get a return on your investment.  We are planning that as soon as development work is complete and profitability established, interest will be paid at rates ‘tiered’ according to the investment made. 


You get rewards. We are also planning other ‘reward or club card’ style perks of share ownership including discounts, special offers and priority access to events.

Our Goals

Combine better ideas with better management to create the best pub in Devon

Raise £600,000 to buy, stock and open the pub and then to complete refurbishments

Re-open the Drewe and start serving as soon as possible!

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