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 A Robust Business Case

Financial Viability

The key question people are asking is can The Drewe Arms be financially viable Community Pub? 

To that we'd like to give an emphatic 'Yes'.  We have consulted widely, talking to previous landlords of the Drewe and people running other community pubs.  What's more our revenue and profitability projections have also been reviewed by industry and financial experts including the Plunkett Foundation.


Masters of Our Own Destiny

The key profitability advantage we will have is that as a freehouse, we will not be paying rent.  We will not be forced to purchase products from a pubco at inflated rates.  And we will be free to develop the pub in the best interests of the community. 

For more details have a look at our Business Plan and Share Offer Document.

Grant Funding for Community Enterprises

A further benefit of being a community enterprise is that there are a wide range of grants available to help improve our financial position. Right now we’re applying for grants with: 

  • Lottery Heritage Fund

  • The Booster Fund

  • The Reach Fund

  • The Community Ownership Fund

  • The Plunkett Foundation

So far we have secured £28k of ‘set up’ grants to fund surveys, professional advice, organising the share offer and so on. 

Grant Funding for Historic Buildings

In addition, there are also a range of grants specifically targeted to protect and restore historic buildings.  We're currently making an application to the Architectural Heritage Fund.

We are confident that we will be able to access a significant amount of grant funding.  Some of it will need to be matched with that raised by our community share offer.

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