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This project is generating lots of interest and inevitably people have lots of questions.  We hope the website and the FAQ section here addresses them. If you have any further questions please email us at

Will the pub still be owned by Enterprise/Stonegate?

We purchased the pub for the community in its entirety  from Enterprise/Stonegate in 2023 and so now there is no involvement with Enterprise or Stonegate.


What is the Management Team?

Several people from the community have stepped forward to help get this project going.  This group is collectively known as the Management Team.  You can find out who they are and their particular contribution to the campaign in the Team section of the website.


Isn't the Drewe Arms a Community Asset?

The Drewe Arms is now registered as as asset of community value and so has some protection.  The best way however to protect the pub going forward id for it to be owned by the community as a whole.  That's why the forthcoming share offer is so important.


When is the pub going to open?

There's quite a bit of work to do to get the pub ready for launch.  We're working hard with our landlord Simon Saunders and a team of local volunteers to reopen the pub on 16th March 2024


Who is going to be the landlord?

We're delighted to announce that Simon Saunders will be the new landlord of the Drewe.  He's got a proven track record of running some very successful pubs in the area.  In short, he's everyone's favourite landlord and the best possible person we could have recruited for this role.

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