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Since we launched the share offer campaign to turn The Drewe into a community pub we've had an PHENOMENAL response. So far, 261 people have stepped up and invested over £452,000, which is AMAZING!

We're making history!

In the rich and colourful history of the Drewe Arms what's unfolding before our eyes is a monumental event.  It's the moment when The Drewe Arms transitions from a pub that is owned by a big corporation, to a pub that is owned by the community.  A pub that is run by, and for, the community.

Be a part of it!

We're massively grateful to everyone who has already invested, but we still have some way to go to reach our overall goal of £600,000 and this is so important to make sure the pub can open as soon as possible.


We've raised over £450,000 so far!

19/10/23, 11:00

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