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A phenomenal community achievement means we can buy the pub!

The total amount raised to save the Drewe Arms when the campaign ended at midnight on Sunday was a BREATHTAKING £552,875! This combined investments and donations on Crowdfunder. We are overwhelmed! It means we have enough to purchase the pub and begin reparations, borrowing only very little to get the job done!

We are, needless to say, IMMENSELY GRATEFUL and thrilled at how the community has rallied to save this wonderful historic Dartmoor pub. Thank you to everyone who has played a part!

We're keeping the Donations Page on Crowdfunder open for a couple more weeks should any further donations come in

In the meantime, it's all systems go to proceed with the purchase of The Drewe Arms Community Pub! We look forward to seeing you at the opening party!


We've done it!

13/11/23, 12:00

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