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We're capturing some of the amazing stories people have about their experiences at The Drewe over the years

As part of our awareness campaign to generate enough support for our Crowdfunding Campaign, we have launched Drewe Stories on Facebook. With Drewe Stories, we’re looking to reach as many people as possible, from wherever they happen to now be, who have a memory or story of The Drewe Arms.

We are inviting everyone who does, to send in their story, ideally with a picture so we can fill our Facebook page with tavern tales and if we get enough, build those memories and stories into a book: The Drewe Arms Storybook.

The campaign launched last Wednesday and in just a matter of days we have already had an amazing response!

To date the Drewe Arms Community Pub Facebook page has reached 17,056 individuals, and special thanks goes to Pauline Rowe who kicked off the Drewe Stories campaign with her marriage to Mike Rowe in 1963 and the wedding reception they held in the Drewe Arms' Long Room.

Pauline’s Drewe Story complete with Mabel’s bill for the wedding reception has alone reached a phenomenal 4,880 people (to date) and generated as many as 1,187 reactions, comments, shares and click throughs. Mike and Pauline’s three-course wedding breakfast for 64 people with sherry, port and ale came to 30 pounds, 15 shillings and 6!

This is just one of many memories people are sending in from near and far. Charles Eden of Longdown came across a picture in a family album of an Edwardian lady presumed to be a great, great aunt, posing outside the Drewe Arms, in 1903. Charles colourised the photo and sent it in.

John Luxton from Liverpool sent us some wonderful photos from the 1980s when he used to come to Devon regularly on holiday with his mum and Gran and the Drewe Arms, still managed by Mabel Mudge, was a regular fixture.

Check out these and everyone’s Drewe Stories on Facebook and please do send us your own, whatever memories you have of the pub, and invite your friends and family to do the same.

You can either send your Drewe Stories direct to the Facebook page in response to one of the posts (and we’ll repost it) or to


Drewe Stories on Facebook

09/06/23, 11:00

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