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The Drewe Arms Community Owned Pub is now officially open!

A massive thank you to everyone who came to our opening party on Saturday and packed the place out!  You really made it a day - and night - to remember.

The party marks the end of remarkable period in the long history of the Drewe - when the community raised over £600k to buy it and turn it into a community pub.  That success is down to the generosity of our investors, donors, the hard work of volunteers and all the followers and Facebook fans who have spread the word about this remarkable project.

Now begins a new chapter, when we set about turning the Drewe into the brilliant pub that it deserves to be.  Look forward to great beer, great pub food, a warm welcome and a pub that functions as real hub for the community.  See you at the Drewe very soon!


What a party!

18/03/24, 12:00

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