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Invest Direct


Our Crowdfunder page has now closed however you may still purchase shares through completing the form below and making a bank transfer into the secure Drewe Arms Community Pub bank account.​

If you haven’t already, please have a read of our Business Plan and Share Prospectus:

If you have any queries about making your investment please contact the Society Secretary, Ian Pickford, at any time by emailing

Please complete the form below to purchase your shares in The Drewe Arms Community Pub.

Investor Application Form

Complete this form to become an Investor Member of The Drewsteignton Community Society Limited.

The Member


(Optional: Who would you want to have the shares upon death)

Your Shareholding

How much would you like to invest? (Min £100, max £50,000 in multiples of £50)

How will you be paying?


  • I confirm I am over 16, and I understand and accept the terms of membership of the society as detailed in the society’s rules

  • I confirm I have read the share offer document and understand the terms under which the investment is offered;

  • I understand that the Board may conduct such checks as necessary to comply with money laundering regulations;

Use your mouse to write your signature in the box to the left. Press clear if you would like another go.

Thank you for investing!
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